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Multi-parameter Kit tailored for craft brewery applications


Multi-parameter Kit tailored for craft brewery applications


Test Kit designed for the needs of the craft brewer. For testing water quality parameters critical to supporting fermentation and monitoring source water contaminants that affect beer flavour stability



For measurements of: -

 - Free and total Chlorine, colour disk method

 - Calcium, Hardness and Alkalinity with digital titrator

 - pH & Temperature with POCKET PRO pH tester & thermometer

 - Sulphate, turbidimetric method

- Chloride, test strip method

- Specific Gravity with refractometer


Includes everything you need to test water quality parameters ciritical to ensuring flavour stability


Uses a mix of proven Hach methods Digital Titrator and POCKET PRO deliver precise measurements




Hach Digital Titrator (1690008), Hydrometer (192200), Thermometer (2676400), POCKET PRO pH Tester (9531000), Reagents, Accessories, Manuals, carrying case and Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers book


Range: Chloride: 30 - 600 mg/L Cl


For further information contact: John Dinan   jdinan@oconchemicals.com   Mob 086 8217993

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